Labour will outline plans to nationalise the rail network in weeks

LABOUR will set out its plans to nationalise the rail network in the next few weeks, the party’s Shadow Transport Secretary has revealed.

Lousie Haigh told GB News: “I think anybody who’s tried to travel, particularly across where I’m from, the north of England, we recognise that our railways are pretty broken at the moment.

“Anybody who’s tried to use Avanti down that West Coast, with experiencing record delays and record cancellations – we’ve got a plan to fix the railways as a whole, which involves bringing operators into public ownership, but that will actually bring significant savings.”

In a discussion during PMQs Live with Christopher Hope and Gloria De Piero, she added: “Our railways are really wasteful at the moment because they’re so fractured.

“I’ll be saying our plans, actually in just two or three weeks’ time, will demonstrate how we’ll save money and how that money will bring those operators into public ownership, all of them, within the first term of a Labour government and to bring decisions around the infrastructure which the public pay for at the moment, it’s the most expensive bit of the railways, and bring the operators into one body so that we can actually make the money out of it and stop operators abstracting that profit.”

She added: “There’s absolutely no compensation that will be paid to the operators.”