Leading city lawyer Nicholas Taylor named as ambassador of children’s charity Starr Trust

Nicholas Taylor, a famed city lawyer of Healys LLP was this week named as an ambassador of children’s charity The Starr Trust.

Family run Starr Trust is an independent charity which supports young people aged 10 –18. The Starr Trust supports young persons through financial grants of up to £5000 for those in need living in the BN post code area of the UK (Edward Starr Awards), training and development of skills, as well as new connections and mentoring schemes.

Taylor welcomed his appointment in a statement saying “It has been a privilege to get to know the team and see the real difference they make. I look forward to working alongside all of the Starr Trust team and their Patron Robin Cousins in 2019.”

Taylor has long supported Brighton based Starr Trust over the years, and as part of his role as BrightonPower100 President – he raised more awareness for The Starr Trust in late 2018 by making them Brighton Power 100’s charity of choice.



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