Leading designer Lisa Larian tells all in candid interview

Designer, Lisa Larian, is a full-time mother of five and a committed wife to a real estate Mogul. Her inspiration for BUJII came early on as she would design clothes for herself and daughters. When she realized there wasn’t anything on the marker like this she began perfecting the line from 2013 till now. she has been working tirelessly to bring the hottest on-trend women accessory line to the public. Now she is fully committed as she is launching her high fashion Women Suspender line to be released this Spring 2020. BUJII is bringing sexy back in a whole new way.

1. What inspired you to begin a line of accessory that hadn’t been done yet?
Starting Bujii was less of a conscious decision than you might think. I had a cute scarf that I really enjoyed wearing, and it kept falling off or flapping around because of the wind, so I decided to turn in into a suspender. When all my friends and family started complimenting me, I started to realize how different and valuable this product is. Women need to be able to choose their accessories from a selection of many unique options so they can feel like they’ve selected one that was styled just for them. I founded BUJII to make those options available to today’s women.

2. How do you pick your designs and where do you get your inspiration from?
My designs often appear to me in my dreams. I’ll have visions of the fabric I want to use to create a certain style, and without drawing it out or thinking too much about it, that design will be created under my fingertips.

3. Where did you come up with BUJII?
I have always been obsessed with fashion in general, and the idea of designing my own clothing came to me at a very young age. I would make many of my own clothes, and after having kids, I made clothes for them. I decided to keep my designs within my family because I was not ready to go through the toll every designer goes through: having my styles copied and not being credited for them. My suspenders, however, were so different and so new that I felt like keeping them to myself would be wrong. Suddenly I had the urge to make my styles known, in order to quench the thirst of the women’s fashion world.

4. Who do you see wearing BUJII in the world?
BUJII is made for the boss women in this world – the women who want to be bold, strong, leaders – the women who want to make a difference and are not afraid to make their voices known.

5. Can you give us a few tips on fun ways of wearing some of your favorite pieces?
My favorite thing about BUJII’s suspenders is its versatility. A single suspender could be worn with the design in the front or the back, the straps crisscrossed or laying straight against the body, and more according to that style. My favorite way to wear my suspenders is with a pantsuit and a tight crop top.

You can find these lines of women suspenders at www.bujiicollection.com

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