Learn how producer Karina Michel is Championing Young Female Filmmakers & Tackling Mental Health Issues

With over twenty years of experience in TV, Film Karina Michel has been involved in every aspect of business and production and is a current member of the Producers Guild of America. Her early experiences range from working as a successful model and actress, to writing and producing content for television networks and feature films. As well as co-producing and taking on her own features, Karina takes on a couple of shorts each year.

Passionate about films and the stories they tell, Karina will be tackling some very important mental health issues in 2021 by executive producing two movie projects surrounding mental health issues & stigmas; namely ‘Self Charm’ and ‘I AM’.
“2020 was tough as most of the festivals were either shut down completely or held online” says Karina. “This year especially we’ve seen a huge rise in mental health and instead of sitting back and waiting I felt the urge to shed more light on these topics. If we are able to help one person out there I will feel we’ve succeeded.”

“I also started a podcast, “Coffee with Karina” where we speak to celebrities and thought leaders about their journey and what inspires them. Mental health has come up consistently during the episodes – I feel that everyone has dealt with it on some level this year. It’s refreshing to hear that everyone has doubts and makes mistakes, it’s part of the growth cycle and life in general.”

Both film projects are led by female Director / Producers. Self Charm tackles the issue of self harm, which is often linked with mental distress & mental health problems. Directed by Ella Greenwood (Faulty Roots) it sees Bukky Bakray (BAFTA Longlisted ‘Lead Actress’ – Rocks – Netflix) in the lead role.

I AM is directed by the award winning Ludovica Musumeci (Mens Sana 2018, Sam 2020 and The Wick 2020) and deals with schizophrenia. Describing itself as a statement against stigmas. Starring Oriane Pick (Call It A Day/ Say Your Name) the film is written by, directed by and stars a full female cast. Both films will be doing the festival circuit this year.

Karina is passionate about championing young women filmmakers and talent in the film industry. In response to the news the Golden Globes nominated 3 female directors for Best Director this year, Karina said;

“I think it’s fantastic there are three very talented women nominated for “Best Director” this year. Perhaps ten years ago when Judith Light directed a TV show I worked on, I remember thinking, wow, this is interesting! This now puts it to a new perspective and opens doors for the younger generation of women coming into the film business. It lets them know that the sky’s the limit and that whatever they set their mind to, is now achievable.”

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