LiveTree ADEPT is currently holding a pre-sale of 35 million crypto-tokens

For those looking to make their first foray into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, LiveTree ADEPT(Advanced, Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution) is a genuinely unique opportunity. With a proven revenue model that offers potentially significant returns for both the mass market and experienced crypto-investors, LiveTree ADEPT differentiates itself from the vast majority of blockchain propositions by using the efficiency gains provided by this technology to help solve real-world problems. LiveTree ADEPT is currently holding a pre-sale of 35 million crypto-tokens known as LiveTree Seed. This pre-sale will end this Friday December 15 2017.

As a reward-based film and TV crowdfunding site, LiveTree has established its reputation as a revenue-generating business with 20% growth month on month. Over the last six months alone it has crowdfunded hundreds of film, TV and content projects. And on top of this, it has also built a network of 14,000 entertainment companies and their employees. Now LiveTree CEO Ashley Turing has set his sights even higher in the creation of a new marketplace for film and TV distribution.

“The new ADEPT platform goes beyond crowdfunding,” says Ashley Turing. “This completely unique offering is well positioned to capture not only the ever-growing $1billion film and TV crowdfunding market, but will also extend into the $500billion distribution market.

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