LiveTree ADEPT is currently holding a pre-sale of 35 million crypto-tokens

For those looking to make their first foray into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, there are lots of options out there for you. If you want to find a good software to get you started then take a look at this review but if you’re looking for a slightly different way to start your venture into crypto then LiveTree ADEPT could be for you. LiveTree ADEPT(Advanced, Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution) is a genuinely unique opportunity. Everyone is desperate to get the latest advantage in the cryptocurrency world so that they can visit websites like Zipmex with an increased amount of expertise and knowledge. Crypto has quickly become one of the hottest investment opportunities and even businesses are looking to get in on the action. More U.S. businesses are looking to deal with cryptocurrencies on a frequent basis so they are learning about kelman money transmitter licensing and other laws they must follow. For those who aren’t familiar with crypto, there are lots of resources out there that can give you a boost to get your into the industry too.

LiveTree ADEPT strives to provide you with that exact boost. With a proven revenue model that offers potentially significant returns for both the mass market and experienced crypto-investors, LiveTree ADEPT differentiates itself from the vast majority of blockchain propositions by using the efficiency gains provided by this technology to help solve real-world problems.

LiveTree ADEPT is currently holding a pre-sale of 35 million crypto-tokens known as LiveTree Seed. This pre-sale will end this Friday December 15 2017, whether you go on to use this cryptocurrency, or plan to put it into cryptocurrency cold storage until it gains some value, is totally up to you.

As a reward-based film and TV crowdfunding site, LiveTree has established its reputation as a revenue-generating business with 20% growth month on month. Over the last six months alone it has crowdfunded hundreds of film, TV and content projects. And on top of this, it has also built a network of 14,000 entertainment companies and their employees. Now LiveTree CEO Ashley Turing has set his sights even higher in the creation of a new marketplace for film and TV distribution.

?The new ADEPT platform goes beyond crowdfunding,? says Ashley Turing. ?This completely unique offering is well positioned to capture not only the ever-growing $1billion film and TV crowdfunding market, but will also extend into the $500billion distribution market.

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