London-based start-up utilises blockchain technology

Does anybody else feel like there’s something wrong with the internet? It was conceived as a global, democratic communication network — a mesh of computers where information and power were equally distributed — but this principle is under attack from all sides.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are centralising control, while powerful lobbying groups are working to undermine net neutrality. We are facing a future where people are the customer — and the product — of a network controlled by only a handful of global corporations.

But what if we reversed this relationship? What if we collectively owned the network, while also being the beneficiaries of the revenue that comes from its use?

DADI is a global decentralized cloud services platform, built using blockchain technology. It is designed to bring the balance of computational power back to the people – a network collectively owned by its users, and offering substantially cheaper services than those offered by the big tech companies.

Think of it as a peer-to-peer hosting network. Any device – from a smartphone to a supercomputer cluster – can join the DADI network and sell computational power as a ‘miner’, while platform users who host their services on DADI benefit from significant reductions in cost compared with legacy cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. DADI also offers enhanced security, rate flexibility and cutting edge performance.

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