London is the catfish capital of the UK

London’s singletons are more likely to catfish you than anywhere else in the UK, according to a new study.

Research carried out for How Filtered is Your Life? shows that catfishing in the capital is rife, with Greater London the worst offending area in the UK for a number of dating no-no’s.

A study of more than 2,000 people revealed that London has the highest proportion of people using photos that are over 3 years old, with one in seven people doing so (14.23%).

Astonishingly, one in eight respondents (11.99%) in London are using a photo that is more than five years old – meaning it is a full half a decade out of date.

In comparison to the rest of the UK, Londoners are guilty of a range of editing offences, with 12.73% of respondents saying they have filtered a dating app photo (12.73%), and 6.74% of people filtering at last half of all their photos.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that people in Greater London are more likely to turn up to a date to find person looks completely different to their dating app photo, with one in seven (14.23%) having done so.

With filtering so widespread in an image-conscious world ruled by social media, How Filtered is Your Life examines why so many people feel the need to embellish their image.

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