London produces nearly one-quarter of all heavyweight boxers

London is responsible for producing nearly one-quarter of all active UK professional heavyweight boxers, new research has revealed.

JD analysed the profiles of each current boxer born in the UK to answer a number of questions such as; which region is responsible for producing the most fighters, which region produces the most of each weight class, and which areas have the best win percentage.

London comfortably produces the most fighters from the sport’s heaviest division, besting the East of England – who are responsible for 13% – which includes two-time world champion Anthony Joshua.

Delving into the data for other weight divisions reveals an interesting pattern; lighter weight classes tend to come from regions more to the north, with most fly and featherweights coming from Yorkshire, whereas some of the heavier-weighted boxers seem to come from further south, with welter, cruiser and heavyweights most likely to come from London.

England’s capital can be considered a hotbed for creating boxing talent as London has gifted the UK the biggest proportion of welterweight fighters out of any region; 14% of that division derive from the capital, this includes Bermondsey-born Ted Cheeseman, as well as John O’Donnell from Shepherd’s Bush.

The same can be said of London when looking at the cruiserweight division; the area has produced a whopping 28% of its current crop, including Lawrence Okolie. This is double the next best performing region, Yorkshire.

London also produces the biggest proportion of light-heavyweights per region. Just shy of one-quarter (23%) of light-heavies were born in the capital.

JD’s research also analysed which regions produce the most fighters overall, where London ranked second, behind the North West.

The northern region can lay claim to the biggest proportion of pugilists coming from one area; 15% of active fighters come from the North West.

Tracking closely behind is London, with this area producing 14% of the UK’s active fighters. London can hold responsibility for manufacturing current heavyweight contenders Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora.

The third-most prolific UK region for producing boxers is Yorkshire, with this region accounting for 12% of the overall total.

Furthermore, the final part of the research looked at which areas have the best win percentage.

London ranked as the fourth-best region based on active boxers’ win rates; pugilists from the area have won 72% of their bouts.