London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children gets rom fundraiser

On Friday 29th June, the London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children (LTFUC) committee members made their way up to Russell Square for the fundraising day which was being held by Katie Simmonds who has run the cabmen’s shelter for the last four years.

All food and drink on the day could only be purchased by donation with all proceeds going to the charity and some of London’s finest taxi drivers also gave their support on the day by donating their tips and helping to spread the word about the good work that the charity does to help disadvantaged children.

The day was a great success with £3,100 being raised by donations and tips.

Katie dressed up for the occasion in her wonder woman outfit and her partner in crime Jude looked the part as cat woman as they served the their regulars and new customers. The decorated bunny taxi caught the eye of many passing tourists who could not resist having their photograph taken with it.

As luck would have it, Gary Oldman was filming nearby and Katie kindly asked if he would have his picture taken to support the charity and the wonderful work they do… and he said yes!

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