Londoners open their homes to Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan are offered an alternative to Canada following Megxit after being voted London’s most wanted royal housemates.

A recent survey by Housebuyers4u investigating the UK’s dream housemate found that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the top list of the most wanted royal cohabitants for Londoners.

The results come as the couple, who have recently quit their senior roles, announce that the use of ‘Sussex Royal’ will be dropped in Spring this year ahead of the announcement of their non-profit organisation.

Despite the duo fledging to Canada, London residents chose them as the British royals they’d most want to share a house with, securing over a quarter of the vote (27%).

The family at Buckingham Palace have been left in turmoil following the news of Megxit with rumours of feuds among the couples. This could soon be resolved however with many being wanted by the British public to share a home with, swapping their royal duties to housemate duties.

In-line are Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (8%) with nearly a tenth of the vote, followed by The Queen herself (5%). Four per cent fancy a housemate in line to the throne voting William, The Duke of Cambridge next who is closely followed by Anne Princess Royal (4%).

The results of the 2,000-person survey provides tips from the capital’s residents for Harry and Meghan on the best traits a housemate should have. These include tidiness as the most essential (31%), followed by understanding the importance of alone time (28%) and someone that pays you back on time (22%).

The couple will have to consider getting their hands dirty in a role swap as taking the bins out also ranks highly (21%), as well as a great cook (18%) and someone that looks after you when you’re ill (18%).

If they decide to move in, Harry and Meghan can expect to be Netflix and chill-ing. Chatting for hours (11%), watching films together (11%) and watching Netflix together (11%) were voted the top three favourite things Londoners love to do with their housemate.

The Duke and Duchess can’t get too comfy though as snoring, not doing chores, not flushing the toilet and leaving things in the sink to soak for days are some of the most irritating housemate traits.

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