Londoners Rank Among Top 3 UK Cities for Most EXPENSIVE Taste in Valentine’s Day Gifts, Study Finds

Do you jump at the chance to treat your partner on Valentine’s Day, or are you happy to simply exchange cards?

A new study has revealed that London is among the UK cities with the most expensive taste in gifts from their partners this Valentine’s Day, with nearly a third (31%) setting their budget expectations at a pricey £51 – £150.

Women’s fashion retailer, QUIZ, surveyed 2,000 UK adults on what they want from their partner this Valentine’s Day, from receiving a gift, to how much is spent and even how much effort they put into their date night attire.

The research revealed 75% of Brits expect a present from their significant other on romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or Anniversaries, with the average expected spend standing at £53.

Only 6% of Londoners would be expecting their loved one to splash out an impressive £150-£300 for these special occasions.

But for some, love has no price, as a fifth (20%) of those in London are happy for their partner to spend nothing at all on them.

The UK cities with the most expensive taste for gifts are:
Belfast – 57%
London – 31%
Leeds – 25%
Newcastle – 21%
Norwich – 20%

When navigating gift giving, Georgina Sturmer, Counsellor, MBACOP, advises: “We all have different ‘love languages’, and this has an impact on how we might feel about giving and receiving gifts. For some of us, gifts represent thoughtfulness and care and for others, they feel like an unnecessary expense and stress. Before you even think about what you’re giving and spending, figure out whether it really suits you and your partner, and then be explicit about what you want to spend.”

The study also found that London locals tend to have high standards when it comes to date night dress codes, with 76% of residents confessing they expect their dates to dress to impress for those special evenings out.

However, just a quarter (25%) of those in London would choose this as their own date attire.

Adam Lyons, Psychology Expert and founder of Ask the Dating Coach, said: “Occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries are a chance to do things for your partner to show your love and appreciation. If there’s an occasion to dress up for a date night, then this is most likely it. However, if you have different ideas, just be open, honest, and more importantly – a little bit flexible – as this allows room for compromise so both people feel happy and fulfilled”.