Londoners spending more on their homes and gardens than ever before

With after-work drinks cancelled and weekend brunches postponed, Londoners are spending more time on the sofa with a host of shops available at their fingertips. The country has gone mad for online shopping over the past three months with reports of hair clipper sales up 45,500 per cent and board games and puzzles up 21,000 per cent.

New research has revealed more than half (54%) of people from London say online shopping has made them feel happier during lockdown. With 35 per cent admitting to making a purchase every week, some have become obsessed with online shopping (24%).

The research commissioned by Europe’s leading price comparison site has revealed the most popular product categories Londoners are buying during lockdown, further uncovering their shopping habits, as 48 per cent admit to spending more money than they usually would during lockdown and 43 per cent have bought something they wouldn’t normally buy.

Over a third (39%) admit they are continually buying things online to keep them entertained at home, which could be why 11 per cent state they have purchased more for their homes and gardens than normal. Food and beverages are also one of the top areas where Londoners are buying items they wouldn’t usually purchase, as well as fashion and accessories where they’re spending more online than ever before (9%).

Despite 54 per cent stating they don’t see the point of buying fashion at the moment, Nike and Adidas are in the top 10 of the most popular brands over the last three months.

With recent online spending habits proving we’re buying more than we usually would, idealo sought to reveal the names of those who have been the biggest lockdown shopaholics.

When asked to nominate someone who has been splashing the cash over the last couple of months, results show that Sarah’s were named as the biggest lockdown shopaholics. This was closely followed by Emma and John, with ‘Mum’ also on the list.

Top 10 names of lockdown shopaholics

  1. Sarah – 13%
  2. Emma – 11%
  3. John – 8%
  4. Mum – 8%
  5. Alex – 5%
  6. James – 5%
  7. Chris – 4%
  8. David – 4%
  9. Jane – 4%
  10. Anne – 3%

Idealo’s Katy Philips commented: “After noticing huge spikes in certain product categories, we were eager to delve into this further and find out what UK shoppers were thinking regionally. The results of our data and survey show a picture of London residents turning online for a boost of happiness with many admitting to purchasing products they wouldn’t usually.

“Lockdown has forced us to alter our shopping habits, a change we predict will become the norm as consumers enjoy the ease of online ordering and price comparison.”

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