MaskClub launches in Europe with 1000’s of iconic prints and officially licensed designs

MaskClub™, founded solely to provide protective facial wear, launches this week in Europe after a US launch that has seen 100,000 masks donated to first responders and 1 million visitors to the site within the first four weeks. The UK launch follows a response to the recent Government recommendation that people should wear a face-covering in enclosed public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible in indoor crowded areas such as public transport.

MaskClub is launching with 1000’s of officially licensed designs from brands like Warner Bros., Care Bears and Sesame Street with iconic Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman designs.

MaskClub, a new company from Trevco, one of the top licensees in the world is producing double-ply masks, hand-printed, hand made and hand-sewn in Europe. Sourcing a new regional location, the brand has added to it’s existing USA production to urgently reach a European audience, starting with the United Kingdom.

For every mask purchase, the company will donate 10% of sales to front line workers in each country a mask is sold. At launch in the UK, MaskClub has already donated 100,000 masks to First Responders Children’s Foundation in the US, supporting paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters and medical personnel treating COVID-19 patients.

“These are confusing times, says Founder, Trevor George, “we want to help families make the situation a little better, and hopefully brighter, by featuring beloved brands that resonate with children and making the act of mask wearing less intimidating. By outfitting the whole household, children will hopefully find the act of mask wearing less scary when seeing their parents wear it.”

MaskClub is the first and only company to offer a mask subscription model, where customers will receive a new mask every month from their favourite brand. One medical grade mask or a portion of the sales will be donated for every purchase. Subscriptions are £9.99/ month, almost 30% off single mask purchases (£13.99) and customers will have access to exclusive art and exclusive brand launches in the future.

MaskClub is excited to have a wide variety of masks available to consumers. For more information, visit or on Instagram at @maskclubofficial. Customers are encouraged to share how they are staying safe and wearing their masks with the hashtag #maskclub.

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