Me? Leading?: Ground-breaking New Leadership Book Leaves Pretension at the Door and Imparts what Truly Makes a Difference

For all those that have immersed themselves in the often helpful but frequently turgid genre of business leader development manuals, Me? Leading?will feel like a breath of fresh air.

A book that focuses on the direction of life by talking about the development of a company, Me? Leading?is informative and surprisingly light-hearted, which helps to ensure not only that the advice being imparted is digested, but further demonstrates that through dialogue we can achieve the best results.

A stimulating and momentous read for all those with aspirations to move further up the ladder of achievement (in business or otherwise) and regardless of which rung they currently find themselves, Francois E. Clerc’s Me? Leading?is nothing short of trailblazing. With the new year beginning the book offers the perfect opportunity to start afresh and truly excel in your business.


Me? Leading?

A book on the direction of life by talking about the direction of the company.

Running a business means giving meaning to professional lives.

Whether we are leaders or not, all of our lives are long-lasting enterprises. They lead us somewhere with more or less efforts and means, more or less well coordinated.

What goes for business leaders, goes for all of us.

Why do some believe in you?

It could have started like this: Why me?

We have all been, at one time or another, pushed by others to face a huge challenge.

What makes it me and not someone else?

A senior executive in her company, Michelle V. is approached to become its future general manager (CEO). This good news is a source of joy, then of doubt.

The forty-year-old then decides to see a man who had advised her twelve years earlier when she was promoted, for the first time, to a management position. She invites him for lunch in one of the great restaurants in town. The meeting will not go unanswered.

The book reports the exchange between Michelle and this man who thinks while making people think. The free form of dialogue is in the spirit of this sharing of ideas and doubts, experiences and knowledge.

The author says:

“This book is an essay. And a fiction.

“It is a personal reflection on what makes – and who makes – business leaders.The ideas are exposed there during an exchange between two (partially) fictional characters.

“The first part is devoted to the criticism of these commonly held beliefs which serve to define the qualities of leaders (reputation, education, personality, experience, intelligence).

“The second part is devoted to what underlies these same qualities, namely the sense of responsibility as well as the meaning that leaders are supposed to give to their companies and to the work of their collaborators.

“After a review of the importance of meaning and its omnipresence, the subject is clarified by stopping on the three senses which are the basis of that of responsibility: the senses of orientation, balance and measure.

“These three senses complete the circle of leadership. “