Meet IGOR MONTEMOR – The Social Wizard

Social media has a lot of benefits, and in recent times, has proven to be very useful in helping people gain popularity, promote their products, and even earn money, among other things. In fact, lots of people earn their sole source of livelihood via social media. This is especially true of social media influencers who, with a good number of followers, can make tons of money online.

A particularly striking example of a social media influencer who has, with the aid of social media, been able to make a name for himself while helping other people become social media influencers is Igor Montemor.

Born in Brazil but having to move to Florida at the age of 2, the social media influencer frequently traveled to Miami, where he developed an interest in the influencing world. Igor trained himself extensively by learning every aspect of social media and paying great attention to its intricacies. Before long, he was very good at influencing business. With his skills in influencing, he carved out an influencer marketing company in no time from the network of people he built during his travels to and from Miami.

With the way social media keeps evolving daily, there are so many profitable activities you can carry out on it. Before now, people only used social media for chatting and posting updates, but with the recent advancements in it, a lot more can be done using it, with major influencers earning millions for a single post.

Harnessing the various benefits of social media to yield a profitable return, as Igor did, would involve a lot of determination, hard work, and patience together with the ability to lead a large number of people. Since 2011 to date, Igor Montemor has been working with significant influencers, and he firmly believes that before long, everyone will be self-employed via social media because of the vast array of opportunities in it and the way it keeps evolving by the day.

Igor owns a digital agency in Miami, Florida, which is called Connections Collective. A major client of the digital agency is ML Inter Miami CF (David Beckham’s soccer team, Elite body). Aside from this, he also owns a nightclub, and he is a philanthropist.

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