Meet James Brooker, the record label boss who is changing the game

James Brooker is a name that’s about to take the scene by storm, he co-founded Row Productions back in 2017 with his brother Jack. We sat down with him to discuss future plans and to find out how the journey is going so far!

Q. One goal for this year?

Our plans for the rest of this year are to continue building a great Thursday night at Kosho bar Romford it’s a great night out full of good vibes and a very safe environment for everyone to party. ROWS HOME.

Q. When is your next show?

We have a show Saturday at Entice Southend which will be one of many we will be holding a live show every month, we want to help as many up and coming artists as possible to be seen and be heard. We are also going to be looking at other venues in London and Essex.

Q. Is there any new album plans?

There is a EP coming out this year from Miracall and Lockaveli these two artists work really hard there very dedicated to there music it’s not one you want to miss!

Jack J-Brooker will also be releasing another single very soon possibly an ep depending on time.

Q. Are there any music videos in the pipeline?

Miracall and Lockaveli actually have a video shoot today for two of there tracks that are featured on the ep.

Jack J-Brooker also has started to plan another video shoot.

Absonetti also has a video shoot booked which I can say you won’t want to miss it’s going to be a movie!

Q. You only started September 2017 have you achieved what you expected?

We have achieved a lot more than expected the dream is turning to reality and we will continue to grow I believe I can take Row Productions to the very top and be a big driving force in the U.K I won’t stop there i want it to go worldwide!

Q. Let’s talk about 2019, what are your plans for Row Productions?

To release a lot more music and music videos, help other artists build a platform and be seen be heard! I also will be looking into festivals venues and other ventures and sponsorship.

Q. Row Productions are being noticed in a lot of different areas how do you feel about that?

It’s an amazing feeling, I am glad the hard work is being noticed and we are certainly making noise for people from all over the U.K. to notice.

Q. What is the best way to contact Row Productions?

@Rowproductions1 on all social media including snapchat.

Q. Finally, any message to the supporters?

I wish I could personally thank you all one by one! I cannot thank everyone enough for all the love and support being shown and for everyone listening and supporting the music being put out. Never will we forget you Row is more than a label it’s a family!

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