Meet the PhoneHug®: Kit helping people from snowboarders to dementia patients

PhoneHug® a funky accessory, clips to a lanyard and can be worn several ways, enabling people to keep their hands free and phone safe. It is available in eight different colours.

No more dropsy moments down the toilet and packing the phone off for its sleepover to the airing cupboard in a bag of rice! With phones out of pockets, handbags, off tables, chairs and even in users’ hands, there’s less picking and snatching with PhoneHug®.

Simple and easy to use, it’s popular with customers who love the outdoors such as, winter sports, water sports, festival goers, travellers, hikers, dog walkers, to name a few. PhoneHug® lovers are all ages from millennials to the elderly, as well as those with health issues and or disability. Pairing this PhoneHug case with a mobile phone from somewhere like Fanmisenior, for elderly people could greatly increase their safety by allowing them to keep their mobile phone in reach at all times if they were ever in need to make an emergency phone call for any reason.

NHS workers including nurses and doctors increasingly need their phones for work and their hands free on the front-line, they currently enjoy a 20% staff discount off the product.

UK based ex-photographer turned entrepreneur Sam Fairbrother invented the PhoneHug® in 2013. The idea started out as a rough drawing on paper and after a series of prototypes PhoneHug® has developed to fit almost all smart phone models.

A product created from an initial drawing and paper model, tested with sailors, snow boarders, photographers, ramblers and horse riders. PhoneHug® was also tested at festivals, making its debut at Hideout Festival in Croatia, followed by Glastonbury, WOMAD Charlton Park and Creamfields with both back-stage crews and festivalgoers. Festival fans loved it according to feedback, but the pilot scheme identified the product size needed modification to fit almost all smart phones.

PhoneHug® is disrupting a $30 billion phone theft industry, with up to 2000 phones being stolen every day in the UK and over 3 million phones being lost or damaged every year. PhoneHug® is intended to help reduce this risk and enhance people’s lives, so they can relax and enjoy their activity, knowing their phone and data are safe.

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