Munchkin launches NEW Nursery Steriliser

We know that life with little ones can be challenging, not least keeping their toys and dummies clean and safe to use when they’re being thrown on the floor ten times a day!

That’s why much-loved baby lifestyle brand Munchkin is thrilled to offer a range of hygiene products which thoroughly sterilise soothers, bottle teats and toys in five minutes or less, so you can spend less time cleaning and more quality time with your little ones.

Do you have a child that’s inseparable from their favourite teddy or blankie? The lightweight Munchkin Nursery Steriliser (£129.99) is perfect for slightly bigger items, with reflective strips inside on all sides to clean bigger items from every angle with sterilising UV light – killing up to 99.99%* of bacteria and viruses in just five minutes.

What’s better still is that Mum and Dad can benefit too! The rechargeable Munchkin Nursery Steriliser is versatile enough to sterilise mobile phones, headphones, iPads, remote controls, keys, glasses and more, and breaks down to a packable size – perfect for taking with you when you go away. Available now.

Do you have a baby who loves to throw their soother out of the pram? We can relate…! The Mini UV Portable Steriliser (£19.99), available now from Munchkin, is perfect for disinfecting small, everyday items such as soothers and bottle teats at home or on the go. It removes odour causing bacteria and kills 99.99%* of bacteria and viruses without using harmful chemicals. The Mini UV Portable Steriliser uses a child-safe UV light that automatically turns off when the lid is opened and sterilises in just 59 seconds – the fastest steriliser on the market!

Compact, portable, fast working, and super simple to use, it can be easily thrown into nappy bags or fastened onto buggies so it’s always to hand when you need it. Best of all, the Mini UV Portable Steriliser can be powered either by 3 AA batteries (not included) or through the USB port when plugged in.

For simple and fast sterilisation, at home or away, the Munchkin Steriliser Bags (£7.99) are the perfect solution. Just pop up to two bottles and accessories with some water in each bag and you’re full steam ahead for a hygienic clean. Each bag sterilises after just two minutes in the microwave, with markings on the side of the bag to show you how many uses you have left – that’s one less thing for Mum to remember! Sold in a pack of six, each bag can be used up to 30 times – that’s 180 uses for just £7.99. Available now.

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