Neighbourhood Festival to put on a showcase in London

The Spotlight series at Camden Assembly is back for January 2020, giving a platform to new artists aiming to make a big impact next year.

Over the past few years, both Neighbourhood Festival and Neighbourhood Weekender have developed a reputation for featuring the best new musical talent and this upcoming showcase at The Camden Assembly is no different, with three exciting new bands playing across the bill, including Bamily and Kudu Blue, as well as a Manchester band, Porij, as Neighbourhood continues to celebrate the local talent of its home city.


Originating in Brighton but with roots in Birmingham and Bristol, Kudu Blue take inspiration from the kind of groups that sit in the liminal space between the club and the sitting room; the end of the night over-looking the city and the taxi-ride to the venue. Think: Massive Attack, Portishead, 90s/00s dance music, with a poppy, groovy edge.

The keen eared will already know lead singer Clementine. She worked on Sub Focus and Dimension’s year-beating 2018 tune “Desire”, alongside appearing on MJ Cole’s 2019 release “Mercy”. She’s joined by Owen, Creeda and Tom, who complete the group, with their varying backgrounds forming Kudu Blue’s engaging mix of the tranquil and the upbeat; music, essentially, purpose made for the sunrise or sunset.

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Brixton, London based Bamily make pop music taking influence from disco, hip-hop and soul. Using elements of DJing in their vibrant live set and production, the band open a world of sample heavy beats over luscious pads and percussion loops.

Throwing unconventionally located secret gigs in London at 300/400 capacity venues every month, the band dance between drum kit and live DJ sets to re-create their sound in a live setting.

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Porij are an alt-dance four-piece drawing inspiration from artists such as MJ Cole, Disclosure and KNOWER. They’ve built a following over the past year from their high energy, dance fuelled shows. Their new single ‘Closer’ is about intimacy without ownership. It explores the depth of a relationship between introverts and extroverts. Continuing to draw from their house and garage backgrounds, this second single sees Porij expand on the sound of ‘I Like That’. From swirling soundscapes to hard breaks, ‘Closer’ translates the sampled feel of UK dance to a live band, providing a fresh take on the produced sound of the scene.

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Neighbourhood Festival presents Bamily, Kudu Blue and Porij live at The Camden Assembly on Friday, January 31st.

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