New book tells the untold side of Notting Hill from Wartime to Westway

The History Press has announced the forthcoming release in November 2018 of ‘The Other Side of Notting Hill: from Wartime to Westway’ by Roger Rogowski.

Notting Hill has inspired a large number of books and films over the years and it has often made national news, not always for the right reasons. It’s always been an area of contrasts between rich and poor, which has undergone almost constant change since the current urban landscape was developed from farmland in the mid-nineteenth century.

This book records the memories of people who lived in working-class Notting Hill in their own words, before huge change took place in the 1960s, including the mass demolition of slums, the construction of the Westway, the growth of the Notting Hill carnival and the area’s embrace of the swinging 60s.

It records everyday urban working-class life as it was, which in many respects is almost unrecognisable today, and it also records how people began to be affected by the changes that were starting to take place.

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