New exhibition turns real-life bank statements into art to inspire positive money conversations

Lloyds Bank, in partnership with artist Paula Zuccotti, is hosting Making A Statement, an exhibition in central London for a limited time only.

Research from Lloyds Bank reveals that, while financial wellbeing is the top priority (57%) for Brits, and one in four worry about money every week, only half (54%) check their bank statements every week.

By displaying a visual representation of consumers monthly spending, the exhibition aims to encourage people to think differently about where their money goes and have a better relationship with money as a result. A series of artwork will bring to life in a new and engaging way exactly where people’s money has been spent and reveal some of their less conscious purchases. Allowing people to see their spend, the visualisations prompt us to think differently about our finances and more easily talk with friends and family about our financial wellbeing.

Paula – an artist and ethnographer, best known for her highly commended book and campaign Everything We Touch – will be revealing the artwork for the first time in early September, free for public viewing.

Visitors will also be invited to create their own bank statement art using existing props and share on social using the provided QR code or #MakingAStatement.

Lloyds Bank Making A Statement will be open to the public at Brewer Street Shop, 52 Brewer Street, London, W1F 9TQ from Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th September, 10am-5pm each day.