New Platform to help reduce number of false security alarms

Calipsa, the next generation video surveillance company, has announced a new Monitoring Platform designed to provide real-time analytics to alarm receiving centres (ARCs) and help reduce the high numbers of false alarms every year. Built on state-of-the-art Deep Learning models by machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, the new platform will be shown for the first time at UK Security Expo this week at Olympia (29-30 Nov).

With figures showing it costs the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds a year in lost productivity due to false alarms being triggered by staff on site when a system is still armed, environmental issues and even insects on the camera, Calipsa is already helping reduce false alarm rates by up to 50%, according to customer trials.

“Security cameras by their nature are sensitive and are often falsely triggered by pretty much anything from spiders to trees blowing in the wind,” explains Anthony Fulgoni, Sales Director, Calipsa. “Apart from human operators deciding the validity of an alarm, the current state of the art is either anti-dither settings, which allow you to set the length of the motion to be detected, and masking, which allows you to ignore certain parts of the camera view. But both of these solutions are archaic, but are still deployed even in modern day alarm receiving centres. They lack the capabilities to take into account a wide range of factors, mostly environmental.”