New survey highlights the amazing effects tennis can have on your mind and body

The Wimbledon Championships begin next week [July 2] and attention will be focused on the world-famous lawns of SW19. But if you want to feel healthier and happier, don’t just watch the game – get on court yourself as a new survey by Local Tennis Leagues (LTL) reveals playing tennis improves your mood and mental health as well as your fitness.

LTL, which runs mixed-sex tennis leagues for adults on public tennis courts nationwide, asked its players1 how they felt their physical and mental health had changed since joining a league. The key findings indicated that:

• 90% feel fitter

• 86% have improved mood/mental health

• 77% have made friends

• 76% feel part of a community

• 74% feel mentally sharper

• 72% are now more active

• 32% have lost weight, of which 84% have lost up to half a stone, and 16% more than a stone

Research also indicates that tennis improves strength, flexibility, stamina and cardio-vascular fitness and, according to a further study by Oxford University2, those who play tennis actually live longer.

Dr Charlie Foster of the Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Science at the University of Bristol and one of the authors of the Oxford University report, said:

“The Local Tennis Leagues survey shows that tennis players experience a range of physical and mental health benefits which is consistent with previous research. Tennis offers its players a perfect mix of heart and lung fitness, muscular strength with balance and co-ordination, alongside enjoyment and social benefits.”

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