Online Bingo Jackpots Explained

Bingo is a game of fun and it has a social element too. Winning some cash is always a bonus and can round off a night out, or online bingo session, nicely. However, a growing trend in the gambling industry is to increase the stakes by adding jackpots to games at Umbingo. This craze has taken the slots world by storm and now you can win life-changing amounts of money in a single spin. In fact, some people have become millionaires from one spin on slots like Mega Moolah. 

Bingo Jackpots 

The jackpot trend has now hit the bingo circuits both online and in bingo halls and this move has ramped up the excitement levels amongst players. Now bingo jackpots have become the star attraction and online bingo offers the biggest prizes thanks to the amount of people playing and linked jackpots run by major bingo brands. 

If you compare the amount you pay to buy tickets, with the jackpots on offer, then the potential returns are well worth a punt. There are many different types of bingo jackpots and they range from small cash pots to huge ones. Progressive jackpots increase over time until they are won. Fixed jackpots have a cash sum up for grabs that remains the same, no matter how many people play. A guaranteed jackpot is similar to a fixed jackpot but the prizes are usually higher. Sliding jackpots start with a certain prize pot, but this reduces after every few calls. 

Fixed Jackpots 

Fixed jackpots can be useful to aim for, as they are easier to win than progressive jackpots. However, they can go unclaimed for a vast period of time, but the sum remains the same. 

Guaranteed Jackpots

Guaranteed jackpots usually mean that the prize fund is close to the amount that has been stated no matter how many people are competing for the prize. It can also mean that that the jackpot is guaranteed to be won during a set time frame. 

Sliding Jackpots 

Sliding jackpots start off with a certain cash prize but this decreases after a certain amount of calls if nobody wins. This drop in value continues until either the jackpot is one or the game concludes. This kind of bingo can be fun despite the jackpot value slowly withering away. Not surprisingly though, this is not the most popular jackpot concept. 

Progressive Jackpots 

Progressive jackpots do exactly what they say on the tin, they progress until they are won. These jackpots are usually huge and can offer life-changing wins. However, they are also the hardest to bag. 

Game Rules 

The rules to jackpot games are straightforward and the exact criteria, differs from game to game and site to site. Usually you must match certain numbers or all the numbers on your card, within a set number of ball calls. 

Final Thoughts 

The inclusion of jackpot prizes has added another level of excitement to bingo. You can now win life-changing amounts of money with some jackpot games and people have had their lives changed with huge wins, because of this innovation.

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