Over a fifth of kids in London will leave hand sanitiser out for Santa this year and 30% will set up a home security system to catch him in the act

It’s been a challenging year for most and even Santa with his magical power isn’t going to get off lightly. Despite recently being cleared as a key worker by prime minister Boris Johnson, kids in London are planning ways to keep them and their families Covid-19 safe.

Research by smart home security firm SimpliSafe of children aged 8 or under in London, found that over a fifth of (21%) children said they plan on leaving hand sanitiser for Santa during his visit and 43% believe that Santa should mask up during visits.

But that’s not all Santa has to deal with. This year, he has another battle on his hands as kids turn sleuth and plan evermore elaborate ways to try to catch him in the act. As many as 91% of children are aiming to get a glimpse of him delivering their presents on Christmas Eve and 30% of tech savvy kids are now turning to their parent’s home security technology to get real proof that he visited – the most of any region in the UK.

Whilst some will rely on well-known tactics that have been handed down over the years, such as looking for reindeer footprints in the snow (23%) and Santa finishing his drink (43%), it’s just not enough for some kids who want hard evidence of his visit. Setting up a physical tripwire (2%) and using security motion sensors to track for movement in the night (10%) are just a couple of extreme ways determined young sleuths are planning to use to get evidence of his visit!

Kids still plan on leaving the big man his favourite mince pie and sherry and a carrot for Rudolph (23%), however some are also looking to include a selection of healthier options to help him on his way (44%) or a vegan alternative (14%).

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