Popular London roaster selling its award-winning coffee at just 50p per cup

An award-winning, bourbon cream biscuit-flavoured coffee has been spotted on supermarket shelves – and it’s scanning for just 50p per cup.

Boasting natural hints of one of the UK’s favourite biscuits, London roaster Pact Coffee’s Bourbon Cream Espresso 200g (wholebean and ground) has been reduced from £6.95 to £5.55 in stores and online at Waitrose until the 28th February.

The 100% speciality-grade Bourbon Cream Espresso, produced by the world’s finest farmers and classed as the very best by professional tasters, is highly reviewed online, with shoppers giving it five out of five stars.

Upon finding the coffee in their local Waitrose, one “taster” promised they’d be making it their regular espresso, whilst another wrote they were “very happy” to see it on supermarket shelves.

The roaster is also offering 20% off its similarly unique Fruit & Nut Espresso in stores and online at Waitrose until the end of this month.