People near Battersea Power Station experienced a huge power surge and unbridled delight after the global apple brand Kanzi® carried out an audacious and energising stunt.

Secretly filmed in Battersea Park, London, the stunt saw the brand place crates filled to the brim with free Kanzi® apples alongside a specially installed big power switch and a message – ‘Will you switch?’. People who ate a Kanzi® apple and then flicked the big switch experienced an incredible and powerful flash mob spectacle that unfolded before their very eyes. It was all caught on camera and the video has just been released on Kanzi’s YouTube channel

The activity is all part of an elaborate and exciting new marketing campaign that aims to encourage UK consumers to switch to Kanzi® apples and experience the power of great taste that these delicious and premium quality apples boast.

The Kanzi® Big Switch activity used hidden cameras, placed amongst trees and bushes, to capture people enjoying their free Kanzi® apple and their reaction to the energetic sensory spectacle that followed once they pressed the big switch. Switchers and onlookers in Battersea Park, right in the shadow of the iconic power station, were completely aghast and energised by the sheer power and excitement of what Kanzi® unleashed.

The full story of what happened when the Kanzi® Big Switch was pressed has been filmed in glorious technicolour and is set to be a social media sensation. It shows the explosion of colour, sound, dance and acrobatics – all performed by a meticulously choreographed flash mob – and the amazing reaction and excited bewilderment of the switchers. The video is a fun representation of the power of great taste that people can experience when eating a Kanzi® apple and the delight that you get from the deliciously well-balanced sweet and sour flavour. A flavour that is derived from Kanzi’s unique blend of the sweet Gala and the juicy, tangy Braeburn, grown in specially selected orchards in the UK and around the world.

Kahmal who features in the video said: “It was mind-blowing. I got my phone out to film it as I thought my mates are never going to believe this. If this happens every time I eat a Kanzi® apple then I’m definitely going to buy a lot more of them.”

Lydia, who also appears in the video, said: “I just couldn’t believe what happened after I pressed the Kanzi® big switch. I saw these people casually juggling apples and then the dancers and music kicked in. It was incredible.”

Kanzi® is now taking the Big Switch on a tour of Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets and shopping centres. Thousands of UK consumers will get the chance to try the delicious Kanzi® apples and experience the power of great taste for themselves. The activity includes sampling, prize giveaways and a social media competition to win a trip to the Big Apple.

Myrella Boer, Marketing and Communications Manager at GKE (brand owner of Kanzi®) says: “The idea for the Big Switch campaign was developed after research showed most consumers buy the same variety of apple they grew up with and rarely try new apples. Through this campaign we will be encouraging consumers to give Kanzi® a try, make the switch and experience the power of great taste for themselves. We can’t promise that dancers and acrobats will appear every time they eat a Kanzi® apple but we are confident people will love and prefer the delicious taste and quality that Kanzi® brings. Once people make the switch to Kanzi® we think it’ll be their new favourite apple. We look forward to rolling out our exciting Big Switch campaign and inviting thousands of people throughout the UK to try Kanzi® and experience the power of great taste.”

Kanzi® apples are available to buy now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other leading stores across the UK.

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