Ravoshia Speaks About Fashion Killa’s Rise To Popularity And New Projects Exclusively

Thank you Ravoshia for allowing us to interview you, we are more than happy to have the opportunity!! Your record Fashion Killa has really evolved into a smash hit worldwide with millions of listeners hearing it on radio stations and the music video captivating thousands of people. That is great!!

Ravoshia what is the main message you wanted to get across with Fashion Killa?
That having self confidence and understanding your own style is an essential key to your self awareness and happiness. To embrace your style, even with judgement from others.

Fashion Killa is receiving massive recognition, especially, here in the UK, how does it feel?
First off, being that I am part British having dual citizenship, it’s a beautiful feeling to see the amount of love I’ve gotten by the UK. I was recently announced ‘Next To Blow’ by a big source in the music industry Hip Hop Weekly which I feel proud of. I have gotten tons of love from current and new fans. Overall, I am happy with the results so far.

We see you just had a birthday,”Happy Birthday” did you do anything special to celebrate?
Well I went out to celebrate with a few individuals, went out to eat and to a safe rooftop lounge in Hollywood. I enjoyed myself even though I didn’t really celebrate the way I wanted to due to covid-19 and things not being open here in California.

What is the main theme behind your creative project RMPS101?
Oh well basically, my “Mannequin Performance Style 101” is a performance design concept of set formats called Me +1, Me +2, and Me +3 displaying edgy half or full body mannequins in positions and I dance with either 1, 2 or 3. It’s done by either live stage performance, music or creative visual video in either a freestyle or choreographed style of dance moves in sync with the mannequins.

Do you have any plans for the rest of 2020?
Well with Covid 19 still around it has put restrictions to doing live concerts. However, I am pleased to present more content displaying RMPS101. I plan to showcase more in my next single titled Mastermind which will either come out late this fall or early 2021 still deciding. Also, I will be sharing more creative projects in the meanwhile like my short stories and etc.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
Just that I have so many exciting and innovative things in store..
And my quote:
“The woman with the plan, A mastermind”

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