Research shows fans are falling out of love with the Great British Bake Off

This year’s Great British Bake Off has been full of controversy, as a number of fan favourites have been sent home early, with viewers turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations. But are fans starting to fall out of love with the show? Vanquis have been analysing conversations on Twitter to find out more –

According to their findings, season 10 has been one of the least talked about seasons of the show so far, averaging just 50,264 tweets per episode. To put this in perspective, during season 7, fans were sharing an average of 213,784 tweets per episode – over 4 times as many!

Here’s the most talked about seasons of the Great British Bake Off:

  • Season 7 – 213,784 tweets per episode
  • Season 6 – 138,730 tweets per episode
  • Season 5 – 111,694 tweets per episode
  • Season 8 – 92,820 tweets per episode
  • Season 4 – 86,096 tweets per episode
  • Season 9 – 65,830 tweets per episode
  • Season 10 – 50,264 tweets per episode
  • Season 3 – 49,453 tweets per episode
  • Season 2 – 13,786 tweets per episode
  • Season 1 – 2,048 tweets per episode

While viewing figures may have remained fairly consistent, fans just aren’t engaging with the show as much as they used to.

Not only has this year been one of the least talked about seasons of the show, it’s also been one of the worst received on Twitter, with 28.7% of the tweets posted about it being negative. The only seasons to receive more negative tweets were seasons 8 and 7, which received 36.3% and 31.8% negative tweets respectively.

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