Restaurant giants Romet Group predict “festive boost” that will see eateries get busy

The CEO of restaurant outfit Romet Group has predicted a festive boost that will see eateries get busy ahead of the Christmas holidays next month.

Dogan Kaya of Romet Group told us “There is a lot of excitement around this time of the year within the hospitality industry and for eateries across the UK, I can predict a very sharp increase in people going out and eating out ahead of the festive break”

HE added “Now this festive boost as I like to call it will see eateries get busy as customers sit back and relax and spend time with family and friends.”

Romet Group who own restaurants such as Pivaz Restaurants, Venerdi, Cod & Co, The Vincent and many more are in talks to open a string of new eateries in 2020.

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