RICHARD COLTON Exclusive: Dead Ringer film and future plans

We sat down with Richard Colton’s, one of UK’s most celebrated indie film director to discuss his upcoming film Dead Ringer!

Q. Richard, your latest flick Dead Ringer gets released this month- how does this feel?

Absolutely awesome to be honest. To do this job you have to be passionate about what you do, it has to be a lifelong dream to be a director and knowing I have achieved my dream to see my imagination on the big screen makes me feel as though I’m 10 again playing with my Star Wars figures!

Q. How has the transition from film Editor to director been for you?

It’s THE perfect transition in my opinion, I couldn’t be a director without being an accomplished editor first. Working with other directors first hand taught what not to to and what to do.

Q. Having worked with Amar Adatia on quite a few projects- what’s the secret to your successes?

On the surface Amar and I couldn’t be more different however those differences are also our strength, we are like two half’s of the same coin he has a particular set of skills that differ to mine and visa versa. That’s how a good partnership should work.

Q. As a rising star director on the UK film scene- what are your thoughts on the rise of “independent films’ and straight to DVD films?

It’s funny the way you say straight to DVD like it’s a negative thing. I mean really think about it, how many people get to see their film sold on DVD around the world! The truth is that over the past 5 years the film industry has changed a lot, most people download their entertainment now and the trick as a film maker is to get it on any platform for the audience to see. Studios now only want to purchase guaranteed success’s with movies that are basically copies of recent hits. This leaves a big hole in the market for new and exciting content and that’s where the independent film maker comes in.

Q. What advise would you give young film directors starting their careers?

Certainly spend less time in a set and more time in a cutting room (edit suit) other than that it’s to understand what talent each Member of your cast and crew brings to the table and to use it. The moment you believe the film is all about you is the moment you make a poor movie.

Q. Any future plans you would like to share?

Let’s just say, now we’ve found the formula to film making there is no stopping us now. We have already shot a horror film with Dean Cain (Superman) and Dave Courtney which will be out next year called the seven. Also I am writting a new boxing movie which I can’t say much about as well as trying to sort the deal that see’s Dead Ringer 2 & 3 made.

Q. Finally, would you like to give any advise to your fellow film industry colleagues?

All I ask in life is that people appreciate the work that goes into our art and supports the British film industry by purchasing a legitimate copy of the film. Thank you

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