Samanta Bullock to launch a glamorous clothing line!

On the 15th of June Samanta Bullock realizes a dream. Her new glamorous clothing line will be officially launched in London with an extraordinary celebration and it will be available worldwide on the online shop at

A year ago the wheelchair model found herself wondering what was the point of having more disabled models if there are no designers making clothes for them to wear? Samanta took the matter in her own hands and started the challenging project of a high-end, sustainable and inclusive clothing brand. “SAMANTA BULLOCK” is her clothing line created in partnership with different designers around the world: Caroline London, Contessina, Amaella, Peter Twiss, Rua Luja, BeKoffee, The London Organic Beauty Shop and Gunda Hafner.

The main purpose of her brand is to dress people for the seating position. The items are designed to be comfortable and useful as well as nice looking for both seating and standing positions. According to the Brazilian Model: “It’s not about being disabled or wheelchair user, it’s about to be beautiful and comfortable while you are in the seating position”. Samanta has used her own experience to create something new for all those women who want to find suitable items ease”. If you have a passion, the most useful thing you can do is helping other people” states the designer. The result is a new collection of comfy and cool clothes.

Sustainability is equally important for her, so each garment is sustainable in its own way depending on the designer in order to embrace each one’s creativity. 

The whole creation process also let a central spot for inclusivity, which is, in fact, part of the social side of the sustainable process.

The goal here is to be part of the slow fashion movement and to teach consumers that they need to invest in quality pieces that last for a while instead of quantity.

Part of the profits of this line will go to ‘Motivation’, a charity giving wheelchairs to people in need all around the world.

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