Stefano Fasce Announces New Album, ​Solitary Places​, Out November 20

Italian contemporary classical artist and award-winning film composer Stefano Fasce is pleased to announce his debut album Solitary Places, out November 20, with lead single Human in digital stores on October 16.

“These pieces touch on the human condition and stir emotions lying dormant in the spirit, unlocking them and giving them wings to soar amongst the clouds before gently guiding them back inside the human body, richer and transformed.” Cheng Herng Shinn, Director.

A successful film composer, he is now releasing his debut album “Solitary Places”, recorded at Metropolis Studios in London, with the support of the hClub Foundation Emerging Creatives programme. It is a work that blurs the lines between classical tradition, cinematic and electronic to bring contemporary classical music to a new audience.

“I wrote Solitary Places as a statement of hope. I wanted to create something which is beautiful and uplifting as well as intimate. I was inspired by the feeling of being in remote places where it is possible to gain a new hopeful perspective on our reality” Stefano Fasce

With his distinctive use of string writing, impressionistic textures and synths combined with classical elements of piano and flute, Stefano has set himself apart from other contemporaries with a bold reimagining of the classical genre.

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