Step into Billy Connolly’s world at one of Castle Fine Art’s nationwide events

Scottish comedian, musician, writer, and actor Billy Connolly continues his passion as an artist with a new series of events across the UK this month. Billy’s highly collectible Born On A Rainy Day series of limited edition artwork and stainless-steel sculptures is as humorous as his comedy, with elements of his own life unexpectedly appearing throughout. Featured by The Times and documentaries including Billy Connolly: It’s Been a Pleasure, his unique style of drawing has been described as ‘poignant’, ‘funny’ and ‘enigmatic’ by critics. 

This month, Castle Fine Art are hosting six events nationwide featuring a short film, unique to each event to keep his collectors entertained. Each with a touch of Billy magic, these films offer a snapshot into his world and influences as well as answering questions from his collectors.

The events also unlock exclusive preview access to a new series of four stunning limited editions available in unique colour ways that will not be available online. In the short films to be previewed at the events, Billy offers witty insights describing each artwork;
“‘Le Joggist’, a jogger with a fancy title.
‘Waiting Off’, He is sitting trying to be calm, before going on and staggering people with his talent.
‘Nasty Little Bastard’, I did him bad tempered, I love him.
‘How God See’s Us’, When I was doing it, I knew what I was after, its God looking down on us.”

The worldwide release of Billy’s new stainless-steel sculpture and signed limited edition artwork references what is perhaps Billy’s most iconic drawing, ‘And On Monday, God Made the World’ and is inspired by Billy’s experience as a welder on Glaswegian dockyards.

Billy says:

“This new release ‘And On Monday, God Made the World’, is a big statement. He is a welder, I did him to remind myself of my background. Welders are often in that position; it was just a pencil drawing when I did it at first. Welding is that lead colour, but when I coloured it, he became a jolly welder in the world.

From the pencil drawing, we have made this remarkable sculpture, and it changes radically when it’s a different size. It is so much of what I was in my youth. At first, he didn’t have wings, he was just a welder, but then he got wings and became the maker of the world. Welders love it, welders are the king of the shipyard.

There’s a huge part of me that’s still a welder. I left being a welder, because I was playing banjo and singing in folk clubs, and I was quite popular. So, I decided to quit my job and do this for a living. I said I’d give it three months, and if it lasts it lasts and if it doesn’t, I will return to being a welder. Then soon after I read in the paper, ‘Billy Connolly the Comedian’ and I thought I’ve done it!”

Castle Fine Art are inviting enquiries to attend these unique events, enjoy the short film and preview the new release and exclusive pieces with a glass in hand. To join one of these incredible events please register your interest at
Nottingham: 16th May 6-8pm
Manchester: 16th May 6-8pm
Newcastle: 18th May 1-4pm
Birmingham Mailbox: 18th May 1-4pm
Bristol: 18th May 1-3pm
London, South Molton Street: 25th May 1-3pm.

“These nationwide events offer an incredible opportunity to watch these special films and step into Billy’s world which we are very fortunate to be part of. Billy is one of Castle Fine Art’s close collaborators and these films offer an insight into our regular meetings with him. Billy wanted to preview the new series of four hand signed limited editions to the event attendees, these pieces will not be available online at Castle Fine Art.” says Managing Director, Ian Weatherby-Blythe.

‘And On Monday, God Made the World’ is available worldwide from Castle Fine Art online and their nationwide UK galleries from 11AM BST 24 May. Castle Fine Art subscribers can enjoy an introductory offer available on the sculpture and print set featuring the limited-edition artwork from £8,950 and £9,950 respectively until 31st May. The limited-edition artwork is £1,950. The details of the new series of four limited editions will be revealed at the events.

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