Stobart Group starts ‘business for good’ partnership with WildHearts

Stobart Group has launched an exciting new partnership with WildHearts, a global B2B social business that operates a UK-wide logistics network.

This group-wide supply deal means that Stobart’s stationery spend will go to social investment in a range of different initiatives.

These schemes focus on the resilience of humanity, investing in a range of causes from struggling female entrepreneurs in Malawi to young people affected by social immobility in the UK.

By becoming a WildHearts Office customer, Stobart is turning an everyday expenditure into an investment for the future: transforming lives around the world. They are helping to address more than 50% of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

Stobart Group joins a network of international brands who are transforming their procurement overheads into social investments.

Warwick Brady, CEO of Stobart Group, said: “We are happy to announce our new partnership with WildHearts and our commitment across the whole group to investing in the future and in sustainable development. It is great to be part of a global team who believe that business must be a force for good.”

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