Take A Trip Down ShadowMemory Lane on London’s South Bank

Launching as part of Art Night Open 2018, ShadowMemory is a unique art project which showcases urban London in a subversive light, digitally through an app which allows the user to view the capital from the eyes and perceptions of the artists.

Seven contemporary artists with a diverse collection of digital cross-cultural narratives have contributed to the ShadowMemory app which will lead users through a network of each of their pathways along the South Bank, only steps away from the main Art Night Trail.

This exhibition entices the users in to the urban unknown as they immerse themselves in each of the artists’ visions along the routes. Each of the seven pieces of art and each narrative is an entirely different experience showcasing the variety and individuality of each creator. The user will experience stories, games, performances and more along the banks of the river Thames.

The artists and art collectives are themselves as diverse as their artworks. They include Paul Coombs (London, UK) and Gabriel Mulvey (Geneva, Switzerland); Sarah Staton (London, UK); eeefff (Moscow, Russia & Minsk, Belarus); Timothy Maxymenko (Kiev, Ukraine); Rotem Volk (Tel Aviv, Israel); Katia Reshetnikova (Moscow, Russia); and ZIP group (Krasnodar, Russia).

This digital project is a new initiative of GRAD, previously known to many as Gallery for Russian and Eastern European Arts and Design committed to promoting the culture of the region at the highest standard . Over the last few years GRAD has presented over twenty curatorial projects partnering with the Science Museum, the Courtauld Institute of Art, Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, State Russian Archive of Literature and Arts and St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music, to name a few. Now GRAD is expanding and reaching out to international artists, individuals and communities from different continents and cultures with a focus on interdisciplinary approach, new media and technology.

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