Talking to Neurosurgeon Peter Hudoba, M.D about Living Your Best Life

Dr. Peter Hudoba, M.D offers readers access to a unique approach to wellness and happiness in his bestselling book Shen Medicine: Changing Messages of Illness to Health as Told by a Neurosurgeon.  Dr. Hudoba is a neurosurgeon whose mission has always been to give people a pathway to health and recovery. In Shen Medicine, he combines his knowledge of a unique holistic modality with his experience with western medicine to give people a way to take control of their health and live happier lives.

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Some of my readers are probably wondering what Shen medicine is. Can you tell us about it and how it can help with health issues?

The key idea in Shen medicine is that our being is functioning according to messages. There are thousands of activities going on in every cell in every organ at all times. Each of these activities is regulated by messages. We have messages on the physical level, mental level, energy level and spiritual level. For example, our DNA is a sequence of a huge number of codes for every function of the cell. We call them genes. And the message from the gene is copied onto RNA and moved to a particular place in the cell to bring that message there. Western medicine focuses on the physical level, matter, and Chinese traditional medicine focuses on energy.  With Shen medicine, everything is understood as regulated by information or message. When the message is corrupted, then that particular aspect of cell function is impaired and that causes the illness. If we want to heal the illness, we need to transform negative messages to positive messages.

In your book you discuss how changing the messages we give ourselves about illness can affect health, can you tell us how that works?

From the perspective of Shen medicine, there are two important functions in the body that are key for good health. The first is the creation of energy. In the cell, the matter (e.g., glucose) is transformed into energy, through the chemical process known as Krebs Cycle. We breath out the released CO2, we urinate out released water, and the released energy is used to maintain the cell’s functions. Lots of energy is also released outside of the cell into interstitial space (around the cell). The rate of how much energy is generated by the cell is key. It has to be just right. Neither not enough nor too much is good. This rate of transformation of matter into energy is regulated by message.

The second key process is distribution of energy around the body in precise pathways. The flow of energy has to be constant without interruption. This is also regulated by a message.

If the messages get corrupted, either in the transformation of matter into energy, or in the flow of energy, then illness appears.

It does not matter how the illness appears, or which organ is affected, behind it is the corruption of the message in these two processes.

If we want to restore health, we need to correct the message. To correct the message takes some time. Therefore, it is very important that we continue to use conventional medicine so that illness is controlled well while the messages are being cleared.

What is it about the work of Dr. and Master Sha that resonates so much with you?

When I met Dr. and Master Sha, I found a way to meld my two lifelong passions: healing and spirituality.  His teachings went beyond the traditional ancient texts that I had studied and united science and spirituality. He brings his entire background as a Grand Master of several Eastern arts, his knowledge of Western and Chinese traditional medicine, and then goes further with contemporary wisdom that reveals the power of soul and how following simple but profound practices can help transform any aspect of life, including health and well-being.

Are you writing another book? Do you have any events coming up you would like to tell our readers about?

I expect to write another book. I am doing ongoing research through the Sha Research Foundation and will continue to share my discoveries. I teach regularly at the Master Sha Tao Center in Vancouver and at workshops worldwide that are available on webcast. You can learn more about Shen medicine at

When your book became a bestseller on Amazon, what was that like for you?

I was very pleased and happy to know that this information that can be so helpful to people is spreading to a wider audience. I was also very gratified to see there was not only an openness but great interest in learning about a new approach and reading about the scientific evidence that I present in Shen Medicine.



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