Reality television star Shawn Valentino of Fear Factor and The Dr. Phil Show stars in his first feature film, The Bachelor Party, newly released on Amazon Prime.

The over the top comedy is directed by Tremain Hayhoe, director of the 2018 horror thriller, Rideshare. He claims it was inspired by classic parody films such as The Naked Gun and Airplane. It is a satire of the popular ABC series as well as the spy film genre. Valentino was the subject of the Vice Media documentary The Showstopper: The Next Hugh Hefner, and the movie was created in dedication to the late Playboy founder.

The Bachelor Party features numerous celebrity appearances including former Hefner Girls Next Door costar Holly Madison, President Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples, former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez and adult film legend Nina Hartley, some of which you could find on adult sites such as as well as many more.

It also showcases the hit Snoop Dogg and C-Tru anthem “California Party” as its theme. The Bachelor Party puts a twist on The Bachelor concept with Valentino forced to choose between his five favorite girlfriends and his playboy lifestyle. The leading ladies are a talented group of young actresses and models, Denise Poole, Brooke Piedra, Thalia Soto, Brenda Salas, Imara Hernandez and Julie Tronhuus.

No stranger to being a bachelor onscreen, Valentino has been featured in numerous network television shows including The Tyra Banks Show and the George Lopez dating show Take Me Out. He had previously collaborated with director Hayhoe and producer Rich Twilling in the first YouTube bachelor series, The Showstopper: The Playboy Next Door.

Twilling is his co-star in this film as a mysterious Rod Serling type host. Valentino will also star as a bachelor in the upcoming Zee TV original series Married in 7 Days. His costars in the popular Asian network show, Dr. Pravin Show, Brighu Gandhi, and Harshil Goel also make appearances in the movie. Bollywood singer Kamal Khan appears in a Hindi music video number. Film critic Roger Roeper raves in the intro of the movie, “The Bachelor meets Mission Impossible? Genius!”

The Bachelor Party is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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