The Benefits of Using On-Site Mixed Concrete for Construction Projects

When working on construction projects, there are various requirements in different parts of the project.
Coloured concrete may be needed to fit into the overall aesthetic in one part of the development. Other areas could require structural concrete instead. This reality complicates the building process and the supplies that must be ordered to complete it.

Here are some of the benefits of using on-site mixed concrete in construction, such as for a new entertainment venue.

Get Local Supplies with Reliable Deliveries

With large projects, it’s a good idea to source concrete suppliers near me to avoid delivery delays. Otherwise, there is a concern that the concrete materials won’t be received in time and supplies will run out due to such a delay. This is costly on a building site where concrete is a key building material.

Mix It is a quality local concrete supplier that fits the bill. They have multiple locations covering London and Essex to supply construction projects in these areas. Having worked with residential and commercial customers since 1983, the company has over three decades of experience supplying to the building trade.

No Problem with Traffic Delays

When ordering concrete London sourced, you’re dealing with busy city traffic and the potential for traffic jams. These can be caused by roadworks, road closure and redirection of traffic, or general road congestion on that day.

Because there are fewer places that a concrete mixer truck can be redirected to due to the size and weight of the moving vehicle, any redirection can delay deliveries. For projectswaiting on a ready mix concrete London delivery for the late morning or early afternoon, that can present a real problem.

However, onsite mixed concrete doesn’t spoil or harden due to such delays. It can also be used as required, which provides greater flexibility to builders in the trade.

Low Rise Structures Work Best

When mixing the concrete onsite, it presents some restrictions with accessibility. This isn’t a problem with low rise structures because a weigh batch mixer can be used at ground level and the concrete used right away at that level or one or two levels up.

By closely matching where the concrete is provided and mixed with where it’s required, it limits the time wasted during the process. However, this is difficult with high-rise projects where greater flexibility is key.

Increased Control Over Building Works

Avoiding waste and keeping costs controlled is important to any building project manager. And, so it is so with concrete and its use on erecting a new building.

By mixing onsite, the amount of concrete ready to use is regulated to both what’s needed and which staff are on the building site that morning (or afternoon) to use it immediately. This level of granular control is useful to avoid waste and make the best use of skilled personnel on any given day.

The on-site mixed concrete is a flexible building material for the precise management of building projects. For small to mid-size planned structures, it’s often the ideal choice.

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