The Crazy Cost of a Divorce in London and How to Avoid It

There is a belief that divorce is a very expensive process. That belief is true when you consider the traditional method of cutting ties, especially in London. The costs become extortionate.

However, it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of ways you can stop the fees and costs associated from getting out of hand.

How much a divorce costs depends on two main considerations – how amicable things are between you and your spouse and the method you choose to dissolve the marriage.

To help you make the right decision, in the following post we are going to look at the available options and the expenses involved in those. We will also look at how much you may be able to save.

What Is the Average Cost of a Divorce in London and the UK?

Divorcing in the UK can be costly. Couples are estimated to spend as much as £8,000 each in fees just so lawyers can help them sort the financial side of things out. How much divorce costs in England and Wales largely depends on your location and your specific scenario.

The online divorce service, Amicable, found that London court costs can be as high as £40,000 for each of the ex-couple, compared with being up to £13,000 outside of London. That makes getting divorced in London over three times as expensive.

In practical terms, this means most divorces cost around the £42,000 mark if they are happening outside London, and a whopping £96,000 in the London area. That’s almost six figures just to walk away from a marriage you don’t want to be in anymore. Mind-boggling.

Why do these options cost so much?


The most popular option taken by most people is taking on the services of a lawyer/solicitor to manage the divorce/separation process, including the legalities, childcare and financial issues involved.

This is the most obvious option if there are any dangers to your well being involved and you need to protect yourself legally.

These dangers include a spouse moving or hiding assets or domestic violence.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive necessity if you fall into the above categories, but if you can avoid court, the costs can be managed.

Both parties solicitors will be paid for at around £8,000 a person for the divorce and associated costs when going this route. Though it’s expensive, sometimes it’s necessary.

Court Proceedings

Court proceedings should be seen as being a last resort. Often though, they are unavoidable if you’ve lost all communication and aren’t amicable anymore.

They are normally, by far, the most drawn-out, bitter and expensive way to proceed with a divorce.

As mentioned earlier, the estimate is that legal fees for a divorce through the courts can be as much as £40,000 for people in London, per person and £13,000 per person for people living outside London.

Divorce through courts can also take around two years or even longer to complete, so if you wanted a quick divorce, you’re out of luck. That’s a pretty big cloud to have over your head when you just want to move on from your other half.

How to Save Money On Divorce

You’d be forgiven for being warded off from ever considering marriage if the facts and figures above are to go by. But there is hope.

Go Online

With the government’s new online divorce procedure, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to apply for a divorce now is by doing it online.

While this is something you can do yourself, there are pitfalls.

An online divorce service can take the daunting task of filling in all the forms correctly and submitting them quickly for the fastest possible split from your partner.

Some also offer legal advice with their service for a fraction of the cost that solicitors would charge. Since these services are online, you also get the benefit of having access to your own divorce coach, as well as a phone or virtual assistant supporting you through the process.

Get Rid of The Most Costly Factors – Conflict and Solicitors

The two most expensive factors in any divorce are solicitors and conflict. To use an online service, you must stay amicable and have reached an agreement together.

This means that neither of you will contest the grounds for divorce and this can drive down the costs of divorce, eliminate the need for solicitors and keeps things civil for all involved.

Make a concerted effort to sit down and discuss the finances separately from discussions related to why the divroce is happening.

If you can agree on things and work together, you can make everything a lot less stressful and expensive.

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