‘The Lunch Box’ shop launches in London with Dr Megan Rossi on Uber Eats

To help ease the stress and pressures of returning to hectic school runs, ‘The Lunch Box Shop’ is offering a limited-edition lunch box service via the Uber Eats app, giving parents one less thing to worry about.

This new service comes as research from Uber Eats found that three in ten parents admitted to buying lunch for their kids on the way to school, with over half (58%) purchasing this from a convenience store.

The trial lunch box service available on the Uber Eats app, which features Rainbow Wraps, Punchy Pesto Pasta and Loaded Veggie ‘Muffins’, has been curated by nutritionist, Megan Rossi, to ensure it meets the needs of growing children and gives busy parents peace of mind.

Research shows that 65% of parents are still worried about giving their kids the right nutrients in their lunch box and feel guilty if they give their kids crisps (43%), biscuits (34%) or sweets (23%) in their packed lunch. Despite this, 70% of mums and dads still put crisps in their kids’ lunches and over half (52%) include biscuits.

But with busy mornings and crammed schedules, mums and dads can struggle to do it all. Almost a third (29%) have even sent their kids to school without their packed lunch, with 33% of these citing running out of time to make it or simply forgetting amongst the morning mayhem.

Choosing a quicker option comes as no surprise with almost three quarters (73%) finding school mornings stressful.

With parents spending three hours each month making lunch boxes, all they now need to do is order through the app and a delicious, nutritious lunch will be delivered by 8:00am.

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dr Megan Rossi, founder of The Gut Health Doctor, said:

“Looking after your children’s health is about so much more than knowledge, it’s about access and convenience too. Having quick and easy options really is key to making healthier choices – and if they’re delivered straight to your door, it’s even better!

“With only 10% of children aged 1.5 to 10 years, and just 4% of those aged 11 to 18 years, getting their recommended fibre intake, I’ve worked with The Lunch Box Shop to develop lunch box recipes that make it easier and tastier for kids to up their fibre intake and get more plant-based diversity.

“All three choices are focused on whole foods and rich in plant-based fibre to keep kids healthy and happy from the inside out. Variety is key to making sure they’re getting the nutrients they need, so with each option, kids will get at least eight different types of plant goodness in one – as well as prebiotics to feed their inner community of gut bacteria.”

Lunch Box Shop Menu

  • Rainbow Wrap (£6) – Colourful veggie and hummus wholegrain wrap with grilled chicken or tofu. Comes with delicious chocolate bark and fresh fruit, dolloped with nut butter. A pretty way to get kids eating more vegetables.
  • Punchy Pesto Pasta (£6)  – Pesto pasta packed with hidden veggies and topped with peas and tomatoes. Comes with delicious chocolate bark and fresh fruit, dolloped with nut butter. A classic with added nutrition.
  • Loaded Veggie ‘Muffins’ (£6)  – Scrumptious vegetables layered with egg, hidden lentils and topped with feta, all bundled into a wrap to mimic a muffin. Comes with delicious chocolate bark and yoghurt topped with fresh fruit and honey. Perfect for those older kids looking to try new things.

The limited-edition lunches will be available from 24th February 2020, with items available to order exclusively via the Uber Eats app in London and Birmingham.

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