The top ten celebs that swear by CBD – how the new miracle ingredient is shaking up the cosmetics industry

Recently, Kim Kardashian endorsed CBD and its positive effects on her Instagram, from the mental and health and pain management form ingestible CBD to the skincare benefits of cosmetics infused with CBD. It seems as though everybody is trying out some form of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract at the moment, and it is clear to see why. Eos Scientific, one of the UK’s leading producers of CBD cosmetics, has compiled a list of the top ten celebs that swear by CBD, as well how the new ingredients are making waves in the cosmetics industry. With the growing CBD and with celebs like Kim Kardashian endorsing it, some people are looking to places similar to Myriams Hope Hemp to get their own CBD products.

Top 10 CBD loving celebs:
Kim Kardashian
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Anniston
Snoop Dogg
Alessandra Ambrosio
Dakota Johnson
Seth Rogan
Michael J Fox
Mike Tyson

As celebs place a stamp of approval on CBD and are clamouring for the infused products as CBD is breaking the mould of the cosmetics industry. CBD is one of 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and, despite being related to THC, contains none of the psychoactive properties. Products can be bought from a cbd store or online, so CBD are readily available. Numerous medical studies are suggesting CBD oil can be used to manage anxiety, treat aches and pains, deal with arthritis and quell many more health related problems. Holland & Barrett has recently started stocking Eos Scientific’s Ambience cosmetics range including cbd soap both in store and online with an array of products posing health benefits that are applauded by many, benefits that we have detailed below

Body and facial washes that use CBD as a key ingredient can help keep pores from becoming clogged, promoting clear skin
CBD oil is renowned by dermatologists for its moisturising properties
Early studies have shown that CBD skincare products can help combat more serious skin problems like eczema and psoriasis
Foot moisturisers containing CBD can help relieve you of any aches, whether you just finished running a 10k or came back from a night in heels
Facial moisturisers containing CBD have been found to help combat oily skin and acne, thanks to its non-comedogenic properties
Being high in omegas three, six and nine as well as being a humectant, CBD moisturisers have the right ingredients to leave your skin feeling nourished and healthy
Thousands are using CBD oils as a natural way to help them sleep, helping to promote good skin and general health
For any aches and pains, especially workout related images, muscle balms containing CBD have been shown to help soothe and minimise the source of the pain
Research shows that skincare products containing CBD can help combat inflammation and redness, even going as far as to minimise the appearance of ageing
Washes containing CBD oil have been shown to refresh and invigorate the skin, making you feel alert and awake for the morning

Eos Scientific’s Ambience cosmetics range includes the following products:

Body wash – Water gets more refreshing with the Ambience CBD-enriched body wash. Packed with pharmaceutical-grade CBD, from natural hemp extract, this shower gel will energise your mornings, hydrate your skin and recharge your sense of well-being.
Body oil – Delicately infused with our pharmaceutical-grade CBD supplement, Ambience body oil is a stimulating massage oil that will refresh and relax.

Intensive foot care moisturiser – Enjoy intense nourishing hydration with this foot and heel care cream from Ambience. Enriched with CBD this intense foot cream helps control dry skin in an easy to use daily formula.

Facial moisturiser – Ambience moisturiser is perfect as an every-day use face cream, that delivers premium CBD in an easy to use format. It’s easily absorbed, light on the skin and replaces lost moisture. Your skin will feel refreshed and invigorated and your well-being gets a natural boost.

Muscle balm – Help your muscles to relax and recover with this pharmaceutical-grade CBD-infused muscle gel from Ambience.

Lip balm – Moisturising lip care enriched with CBD extract. Smooths, softens and replenishes dry lips. Apply a little to your lips as required for a hydrating cannabidiol boost

The uses of CBD move beyond tinctures and eliquids. 2019 looks set to be the year of CBD and, despite the EU’s move to limit its sale in the UK, CBD cosmetics shouldn’t be affected and will be able to deliver their dermatological benefits to all.

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