Thirty jobs are to be created through a new £1.5m digital Pharmacy

Thirty jobs are to be created through a new £1.5m digital Pharmacy opened in Liverpool, aimed at helping people living with chronic care conditions to manage their medicinal needs through artificial intelligent mobile app ‘Now Patient’.

Liverpool has been highlighted as having some of the most deprived health districts in the UK, and the ‘Now Patient’ app (developed by Now Healthcare Group) was created to enable up to 15 million people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and lung disease, to get free delivery of their repeat NHS prescriptions across Liverpool (and the rest of the UK).

The NHS approved tele-Pharmacy ‘super-hub’ – Now Pharmacy, will be able to dispense around 500,000 prescriptions per month and will be utilising the latest robotic technology to help smooth the distribution process. If this business continues to scale at the rate it is, it could need to work with pharmaceutical distribution experts if demand outstrips supply. With the amazing app they have created it could generate a lot of buzz for local communities that struggle to venture out for their medication.

In other parts of the world, people have similar services available to them. Some make use of a Canadian Pharmacy website, for instance, to save costs on medication that can cost much more than it does in the UK. By bringing this same online mentality here, it is hoped that access will improve.

It is seen as a life-saver for those are have suffered through recent community Pharmacy cuts and have difficulty accessing their medications.

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