The battle of getting people healthcare services at a price that they can afford is never-ending. The American healthcare market has been disrupted from the moment Cerner Corporation was launched. This has led to the rise of many entrepreneurs in an era of digital transformation. Today, consumers will only prefer those Healthcare organizations that are easily accessible, fast, and digital.

The Adviise Incorporation is yet another disruptive digital healthcare platform founded by Alexandra Batool Alizadeh. With the novel diseases on the rise, especially the CONVID-19 has put additional stress on hospital infrastructure and medical provisions – people are increasingly moving towards remote medical services and reducing their visits to the hospitals. To overcome such challenges, organizations need to focus on mainstreaming healthcare systems via telehealth implementation. Alexandra’s platform offers just the same. She is inspired by her struggles in the field, introducing an idea that would provide the much-needed value to the world in today’s digital world.

Importance of Value-Based Healthcare platform

Alexandra Batool is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, born on January 2, 1992, in Southampton, New York. She is the founder and CEO of Adviise Incorporation, and she is currently located at Tribeca, Manhattan, New York. Alexandra doesn’t belong to an ordinary family. Her great-great-grandfather was a patriarch of the Hatfield clan – Devil Anse Hatfield. He was a southern sympathizer who enrolled in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Her grandfather, on the other hand, was a former Republican justice of Ohio Supreme Court – J. Craig Wright. Many have defined him as an extraordinary judge who fought to establish a legacy of justice – he participated in the legal profession of substance abuse with other judges and lawyers. Empathy, justice, defense, change, and resilience are some of the qualities that seemed to have been gifted to her family.

Inspired from a Childhood Trauma

Alexandra grew up in Dubai during the Second Gulf War. She completed her primary and secondary education from the Al Mawakeb School and International School of Choueifat. Her parents worked in the Intelligence Agency. The reason why she had her interest sparked in the government and public policy developed at a very young age.

After Alexandra’s family moved back to the United States, she attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She secured a scholarship with Bard College at Simon Rock only at the age of fourteen. She also took summer classes in Economics at the University of Chicago and Public Policy at George Town. She transferred to Bard College to study government and public policy at the age of seventeen. This led to her becoming the youngest graduate from Bard College only at the age of nineteen.

There are mainly two reasons why people would want to serve others. One is that their religion teaches it, and two, it could be because they expect to receive something in return for it. So, if you go by the Chinese saying that states that, by serving others, the happiness one can get can last for a lifetime – may be for centuries. This can be true in the case of Alexandra as well.

Her career has been a history revolving around the regulation, public policy, media, and technology. The desire to serve the people for the greater good was always there in her, but she lacked the motivation to act on it. But at the very young age of 22, after she survived a stroke, Alexandra decided that she would work for the greater cause towards the world. Her tough experience with the lack of proper healthcare became like a driving force for her career, and she founded the Adviise Incorporation in 2019. During her stroke, she faced difficulties in the booking of appointments and getting other necessary medical health facilitations. Her expertise in policy, regulation, and the tech world gave her a good start to establish her organization.

Before establishing her organization, Alexandra worked on energy solutions for her clients based in West Virginia. This was when she met her life mentor, (who is also now on her company’s board members) the media entrepreneur Bray Cary. Alexandra also had worked for over two years on the infrastructure assignments and confidential security, which required her to travel extensively. Her experience has taught her the basic foundation of transparent results and aims – giving and building a specific cause that leads to fulfillment.

Adviise Incorporation

Alexandra had a deep understanding of the market because she faced difficult circumstances during her illness. This has made Alexandra the first one to establish the first HIPAA-Compliant online healthcare system that provides a fully integrated medical workflow and affordable medical consultation costs for both providers and patients. The company’s offices are based in Dallas, New York City, and San Antonio.

Today, Adviise Incorporation is bringing in disruptive change and helping individuals get quick and effective medical attention from the providers at pre-decided times.

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