thortful champion women supporting women with new range of designs to mark International Women’s Day

To Celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, want to acknowledge all the amazing entrepreneurial women within their design community. They asked four of their talented creators to design a card for the women who inspired them on their journey to success #womensupportingwomen

Here’s to strong women; may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them…

LIZZO – Kyleigh Orlebar

Typographical artist Kyleigh has created this empowering card, dedicated to Lizzo for championing body positivity and fearless self confidence. She explains how Lizzo “epitomises self-care and the act of unapologetically being yourself whilst protecting your own mental wellbeing. Be yourself! Be the queen you are! And while we’re at it – remember to polish everyone else’s crown too, and not just your own, to feel GOOD AS HELL!”


Dina Mistry, who designs under the pseudonym Playful Indian, focusses on the importance of Education with her as she highlights the work of Malala who “spoke out in public when she was denied an education… Today, she fights to get girls an education by building schools, raising funds to educate them and giving them access to these resources by eliminating discrimination.”


Veronica Dearly brings her signature playful, light-hearted approach to the design of her card to highlight the work of British activist and feminist Caroline Criado-Perez who for Veronica “made gender bias & inequality infuriatingly tangible with the incredible book ‘Invisible Women. I feel Caroline should be celebrated & the book required reading for, well everyone”

DESTINY’S CHILD – Phaedra Peer

Artist, illustrator and designer Phaedra Peer dedicates her design to Destiny’s Child as they inspired her to be “unashamedly bad ass (bootylicious) self,” and “taught girls to be survivors, to buy our own diamonds and buy our own rings.”

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