Research released today* reveals that London men are more likely to have experienced erectile dysfunction (ED), with over 75 per cent reporting that they have had problems in their lifetime.

The research from men’s digital health clinic, Numan, also reveals that nearly half of men in London (47 per cent) who have experienced ED have not sought professional help for the issue and continue to suffer in silence.

Numan has made a name for itself in the UK amongst men, by making medically approved treatments for ED, premature ejaculation (PE) and hair loss more accessible through its online subscription service.

Customer data** also shows the highest percentages of men experiencing ED are in East London (24 per cent), closely followed by South East London (17 per cent), South West London (17 per cent) and North London (14 per cent).

Felix Economakis, chartered psychologist, comments, “The fast-paced nature of London living and the stress of the working culture in the capital is a big contributor to erectile dysfunction. Stress and anxiety reduce libido, and the culture of performance appraisals at work can extend into the bedroom. Partners can start to seem more like customers that need to be kept happy.  To our brains, sex can come across as just more ‘work’.”

Breaking down barriers to advice, guidance and medicines, Numan aims to encourage men to not let embarrassment get in the way and take action to address the problem.

Sokratis Papafloratos, Numan CEO and Founder comments, “No matter how embarrassing you think your condition is, there’s likely to be at least one person nearby who’s gone or is going through the same thing. We want men to know that they are not alone in facing ED, so there is no reason for the stigma and taboo associated with the issue. Not only that, but taking action and doing something about the problem has never been simpler.”

The research also revealed that 85 percent of men in London who have experienced ED in their lifetime said that they regularly use porn.

“In more recent years, porn-induced erectile dysfunction or ‘PIED’ has become much more prevalent especially among younger men. The problem with pornography is that it disconnects from a human connection and just focuses on the immediate gratification aspect, which is bad training for healthy sexual relationships. ‘Real’ sexual relationships can then become more disconnected or seem more daunting or less exciting. This is not conducive to the excitement that would usually accompany healthy sex,” Economakis concludes.

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