Three London brands introducing CBD to the masses

London is often at the vanguard of culture whether it be music, fashion or the arts. Currently the latest trend taking the UK by storm is CBD.

CBD is a compound derived from cannabis that has no psychoactive effects and as such is fully legal in the UK. It reached mainstream consciousness in 2018 after it was approved by the NHS for the treatment of physical and mental diseases. Many people across the world purchase it from sites like due to its effectiveness.

The USA is some way ahead in terms of the cannabis product industry. But as an industry that is slowly becoming legalized across the states, it can be tricky to keep on top of the rapidly changing laws which is why many dispensaries are using services like GreenBits to ensure they remain compliant –

2019 is set to be the year it goes mainstream and once again, London is leading the way. Below are three brands who have been flying the CBD flag way before it went mainstream. Now it is becoming mainstream, new smokers and medical users will benefit greatly from researching into everything THC and CBD, such as this guide to tinctures.

For the last three years has been a introducing CBD to the wider public and were the first brand to offer CBD pop-up stores in hip London locations such as Chelsea, Shoreditch and Notting HIll.

After this success, they’re now planning on something a little more permanent and are planning a stand-alone high street store in Notting Hill.

Its new shop is set in a beautiful space and is designed to mimic a health and wellness boutique. Co-Founder Johan Obel states the aim of is to “give customers the chance to test products, ask questions and purchase a wide variety of CBD products”.

dank! Vapes

For the last few years, dank! Vapes has been been scouring the world for the highest quality herbal vaporizers and CBD Oils and introducing them to the UK. After checking out CBD products on offer at Vsavi, it would be worth checking out Vsavi for CBD vape pens.

dank! Vapes also invest a lot of time challenging damaging cliches around CBD. Cara Robinson, manager at dank! goes on to explain, “the stereotypical image of a cannabis user having long, unwashed hair and being unemployed is no longer true and I’m not sure it ever was! This month alone our customers have included a senior exec at a major TV channel, a top lawyer and a household name pop singer!”

Glow Bar

Glow Bar is a wellness company for women founded by famed chef Sasha Sabapathy.

Sabapathy got the idea for the brand when discussing the impact of stress on the lives of young Londoners. As a results, Glow Bar was founded to help young ladies manage stress through diet, fitness and wellness routines.

It was only a matter of time before they adopted CBD and their most popular product is currently their CBD-stuffed croissants which promise a “succulent taste in every mouthful.”

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