Tiffany Bayliss the Beauty with Purposes Causes A Ripple Effect

20 Surrey residents suffering from severe hair loss took part in Miss Surrey’s campaign the Ripple Effect which saw each of them having their self-confidence restored and leaving that bit more empowered. Tiffany Bayliss the brainchild was looking to create her own meaningful impact in addition to fundraising for the nominated charity of Miss Great Britain, Globals Make Some Noise.

Another person touched by the Ripple Effect was Tiffany’s mother

Donna Bayliss who shared her sentiments on this project on Facebook.

10 days ago saw the start of a campaign by Tiffany called ‘A Ripple Effect…

Residents of Surrey suffering from severe hair loss which caused them to lose their eyebrows were invited to receive a microblading treatment so they could experience for themselves, the life-changing impact that this treatment can bring. Using microblading pigments helps to create a semi-permanent layer of skin using small needles that help people retain a natural appearance.

Initially, these treatments were being offered for free…just wanting to give back to those who needed it most. It was nigh on impossible. People called it a scam, the promotion was even blocked from some pages because some people just refused to believe that anyone would offer to do this without expecting financial reward…too good to be true.

I watched a truly kind heart become despondent because she could not understand why it was so hard to give away her time…to give away something that she knew had been so good for so many others already. Up until now she had had so many happy microblading customers claiming that the treatment had given them so much confidence and had offered a solution they never thought would be possible. It was such as shame that the most wasn’t being made of this great opportunity. Even the salon who had originally agreed to support this initiative was suddenly ‘unavailable’…

Despite the disappointments and unreliable elements, Tiffany never waivered in fighting to push through with something she truly believed would be all empowering.

A huge thank you to ‘Brighter Spaces’ in Guildford for making the perfect salon space available to help roll-out this beautiful initiative – it was absolutely the perfect setting and your support was truly appreciated!

From the sidelines, I have watched in admiration and awe as I have seen how each person microbladed, has been empowered to reclaim some of what was lost. Women who left afterwards, walking just that little bit taller…beautiful to witness.

Most of all, I have felt a huge swelling of pride and admiration that it was my daughter doing this…100% from her heart.

Miss Surrey is a dual law graduate (2018) and serial entrepreneur who applied on a whim during exam stress and forgotten about it. She was shocked when contacted by the organisers to be informed she was accepted and even more to be crowned Miss Surrey.

Tiffany is also fundraising for Globals Make Some Noise Children’s Charity:

There is still time to vote by texting MISSGB 04 to 64343 to support Tiffany in winning the title.

The National Final will take place at The Athena in Leicester on Friday 14th September 2018.

Miss Surrey is sponsored by Julia Suzuki Couture & Hot Tuh Rahtid!

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