Top trends for Veganuary 2021 – Get your business ready

The new year is a time for reflection and resolutions. Many consumers make dietary changes during this time and 2021 will be no different. Veganuary is a campaign that was launched back in 2014 to encourage people to choose a plant-based diet for the month of January. It’s been going strong and in 2020 over 400,000 people signed up to take the pledge to go vegan during the first month of the year.
Veganuary is also a great opportunity for your business to reach new consumers and boost marketing exposure all while helping to save over 41,000 tonnes of CO2eq from the atmosphere. Whether you’re launching a new product or adapting your menu, here are the top trends for Veganuary 2021.

Vegan seafood

Vegan seafood is a popular alternative to vegan meat. Plant-based shrimp and fish or vegan sashimi have already proven popular in supermarkets. Products such as vegan tuna, salmon and caviar are also being rolled out and gaining increasing consumer acceptance. Early adoption of the trend could boost sales as people look for alternatives to veggie sausages and burgers.

Healthy vegan meat and cheeses

There are plenty of good fake meats and cheeses on the market, but one trend in 2021 will be even healthier alternatives. These new fake meats combine higher protein levels with low levels of carbohydrates and good fats. This also means that new meat alternatives will be less heavily processed.

Focus on probiotics

In 2021, we can expect to see a greater number of products focusing on boosting probiotics as part of their nutritional profile. That’s because some people giving up on animal products like probiotic yogurt may be concerned about the lack of these good bacteria in their diet. The living microorganisms promote healthy gut bacteria which help to boost the immune system. The intestinal flora is particularly sensitive to disruptions such as the use of antibiotics, although this can be restored by taking probiotic food supplements from BIOMES. And vegan food producers are joining the trend and adding probiotics to nut-based cheeses and vegan yoghurts.

Commitment to vegan fashion

Veganuary isn’t just about food. The fashion industry has long been criticised for unethical practices and the use of sustainable and recycled materials is one way to commit to more environmentally-friendly fashion alternatives. Vegan clothing typically means that no animal products or materials are used as part of the fashion item. But in 2021, cruelty-free clothes aren’t just avoiding leather, wool and co, they’re also focusing on environmental manufacturing methods and social messaging. Vegan fashion supports wider social issues such as women’s and worker’s rights and forging stronger relationships with organic and fairtrade producers of fabrics.

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