Tristan Hamm – The Deeper Meaning to Adventure

Revived Outdoors is an adventure experiences company that specializes in
incomparable, personalized travel opportunities. Through a combination of our
unique curriculum, welcoming and skillful guides, and company culture, our guests
experience every destination unlike ever seen or done before. Each guest leaves our
trips feeling like they have truly seen and experienced everything there was to see
but beyond this, leave feeling more confident and empowered in whatever they are
battling or challenging in their personal lives- feeling REVIVED.

Revived guides people through a portal into a new lifestyle and outlook on life. Our
experiences go far beyond just seeing the destination and all of its beauty to create
an immersive experience where what people take out is magnified 100x what was
put in.

SO BASICALLY, Revived Outdoors is an adventure company that is going to take
you to see some of the most beautiful places in the entire world, while providing the
most qualified and inspiring guides to ensure that you experience that destination to
the highest caliber. Revived Outdoors goes a step further and applies the
company’s Hawaiian inspired culture to positively impact your outlook on life and
ensure that your experience is a life changing one that you will never forget.

Explain the Deeper Meaning of your company revived Outdoors?
We want to propel people into a new lifestyle, and that’s exactly what our trips do,
they act as a portal into that new lifestyle. Imagine a giant defibrillator to the soul
reviving your outlook on this world. It is absolutely magical the impact you can have
on an individual when you welcome them into your community of like-minded
individuals that they deep down know they belong in. Many people desire adventure,
but are unable to make it a reality, they fail to get out and actually make it happen.
This is usually because they don’t have the right people in their corner to embrace
the adventure with, or they just haven’t found the time or resources. We make the
process extremely easy and provide that community for them to continue on
afterwards and take those friends with them into their own adventures and travels.
The ability to adventure is the perfect tool in your back pocket. With the right
adventure and community, you can take on almost any challenge you are fighting in
your life. I truly believe this world would be a much brighter place if more people took
the time to get outside and experience how truly beautiful this world is, and the
people in it are.

What inspired you to start Revived outdoors?
Growing up, I dreamt of seeing and experiencing more of the world. I was focused
on making that a reality my entire life, which inspired my move from Canada to the
beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, my true inspiration. Each day in Hawaii consisted of
exploring hidden gems and chasing various extreme adventures through the
amazing connections I built with the locals of the island. After migrating from Hawaii
to Los Angeles, these same motives and adventures continued to transcend into
various destinations across the USA. Through hearing my stories and seeing me
light up inside with each, people in my life quickly became intrigued by the amazing
places and incredible sports I pursued and really aspire to experience the same. The
beautiful part was I saw them light up while listening. With these stories came the
response of, “Man, I have wanted to do that stuff my entire life. How can I?”. It was
the consistency of those responses that ignited that spark and motive inside me to
try and start a company that could provide what I experienced. As a trial, I wanted to
see if this new found dream could become a reality. I began to invite my friends on
my trips, who then invited their friends and the groups of people began to multiply.

One day, I was in the middle of a beautiful place and stopped to take it in, realizing
that the group was actually all people I never knew before, all strangers a minute ago
who now felt like family. It was that moment that I realized I had something.
It was that moment that I realized the potential of myself and the ability to provide an
exceptionally unique experience. I ran with it, and the growth snowballed into a
profitable business. However, that’s not where I believe the company’s potential
really set in. In my eyes, the company was re-born in new light when I truly realized
the impact it had on a people’s lives. After one of our adventures, an attendee on her
5th trip with Revived pulled me aside. She shared with me that the day she came out
to her first trip her entire life was changed in the most positive way. To me, this was
something I had heard countless times and of course left me smiling. This time was
different though; she continued to tell me that she had been holding a secret for the
last 10 years, a secret that was taking her life away from her slowly. She shared with
me that she was addicted to a strong drug that only her doctor knew about and was
suffering from a deep depression for the last 10 years. Her past was a constant
struggle, constantly feeling like she had no solution to remove the pain she felt daily.

She took her last pill upon stepping foot into her first experience with Revived and to
date has been freed, living life to the fullest with a new perspective on her life. It was
this story and that moment that she had the courage to share it with me that made
me realize that my company was no longer finding a way to profit from this market,
but was now adding a true value to this world, something that I could be proud to
stand behind. That’s when the name Revived was born. We want to revive every
soul, because a shift of mindset thru adventure in the right community with the right
people by your side is by far the strongest drug that can cure any scar.

Growing up as a kid, were you always an outdoors person?
Yes, I was huge into every sport, but quite honestly, I sucked at them all. The one
thing that kept me hopping from sport to sport was feeling like I was part of a team of
great people. That equally transcended into the various outdoors sports that I
continued through my childhood years, from fishing and camping with my uncles and
dirt-biking to starting a parkour community in my hometown. From day 1, I was out
knee deep with a fishing rod trying to get more people out there with me. If I look
back at my life, it is actually very clear why I am where I am today!

What do you hope that people take away after one of their trips with you
We want people to realize that they can accomplish anything they want in this life,
that there is a community out there for them, and if they don’t have one in their
community, they can start their own. Like I said earlier, Revived Outdoors is not
driven by converting customers. We are driven to positively impact lives and provide
the tools to live with this new lifestyle of surrounding themselves with people to
aspire to build deeper connections and turn to the mountains to challenge
themselves. Oh, and have the most amazing time of their lives on every adventure of

What type of person would join a trip at Revived Outdoors?
Our trips are definitely not subject to first timers only. Our clients range from stay at
home moms and 1st year college students, to seasoned adventure enthusiasts, rock/
ice climbers, skydivers, mountaineers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, or DRs of all ages. Age
is just a number, and social status has no effect on what we offer. It’s the
camaraderie and unique extremes of each experience that drive people to our trips
and give people the confidence that they will have an experience of a lifetime with

What advice would you give to others that are looking to do something
Whether you are looking at starting your own company, or just trying to get out and
adventure (which to me is the exact same thing), it takes commitment, discipline,
perseverance, and the right people in your circle. The advice I give is try to align
yourself with positive influences, set regular goals and dream hard. Then, never ever
give up on the pursuit of those goals and do everything in your power to hold onto
those dreams. Never forget what sparked the dream, don’t allow the “Neigh-Sayers”
get in your way and simply put, just start. The hardest part of any process is starting
and pursuing through all the fears of failure. Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t let the
negatives of this world take away your light. And don’t ever lose sight of that dream,
the fire inside you.

Revived Outdoors currently has trips in Hawaii, California, Utah, Arizona and
Alaska, do you plan to expand even further?
To date we have covered a lot of ground, but Revived isn’t just an ordinary adventure
company. We plan to shock this market at a global scale, providing trips to the top
places around the globe and forever changing the meaning of “Adventure”. Hence
our current mission statement: Forever changing the meaning of ADVENTURE.
Join us to fully experience every destination, a place you can now call HOME,
a community you can always call FAMILY.

With these plans of going global, we will never lose sight of one of the main focuses
of Revived: to focus on each location to not expose the location, but to add value to
the community, in turn benefitting those community. In addition to going global, we
have plans to launch a Wilderness Rehabilitation program and children’s programs
to have a greater impact on this world in encouraging healthy, positive mindsets
through adventure.

What are your plans for 2020?
Revived Outdoors has many plans for 2020. We are currently building a new
immersive booking experience with the launch of our new website. We are also
putting a large amount of energy into the continued development of our app which
will all together improve the customer experience. We will also be re-Launching our
Deep Water Solo Trip in Arizona and putting a huge amount of energy into our
community efforts in both Hawaii and California.

Aside from the trips in 2020, we are also in the process of developing the other
aspects of Revived. This includes a wilderness rehabilitation program to help people
suffering from mental illnesses, as well as a children’s program to help
underprivileged kids. We are striving to provide a community to help children who
are combating bullying as well as inspire and encourage the persuit of their dreams
to a bright future.

Where can people keep up to date with you and Revived Outdoors?
The best way to stay up to date is to follow both my personal Instagram
@Tristan.hamm and @Revived.outdoors. You can contact me directly for any
questions regarding Revived Outdoors. If you follow these accounts and interact with
various posts, Instagram will be able to target you to update you on any new trip
launches that interest you! You can also mark your calendar for the launch of our
new website in March and subscribe to our exclusive newsletter.

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